Weekly Waffle #175

It’s been such a nice week this week that I haven’t actually spent too much time indoors. But I have managed to get some gaming and some hobby time in. Saturday saw a return to D&D and we’ve been on the same road now for a couple of months, because it’s been a long time since were all last together. In what is now becoming something of regular event we put our characters that have night vision on watch when it goes dark so that, in theory we may have some chance of a warning if anything untoward were to happen. However our lovely DM has a nice simple mechanism to randomise events for us. Whoever is on guard rolls a D12 and on the roll of an eleven or a twelve there is a good chance that something will happen. Both of our regular guards rolled a twelves which inevitably means something nasty is going to happen. Imagine our surprise then when we all got a good night’s sleep. But it was just a false sense of security as not long after set off on what we thought would be the last day of travel we were attacked by bunch of marauding rider’s intent on killing us. In the ensuing fight we lost another waggon whilst Pete and Jane took quite a beating. Fortunately no one was permanently injured and we managed to fight them off and get the remaining waggons to their destination. We have another game tonight so it will be fun to see if we have made it to sort of safety or if it’s just a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. Only time will tell.

Game night this week saw some more Gaslands action. Unfortunately due to Northern Rails new time table where the few trains they do run either don’t run as scheduled or simply don’t run I wasn’t able to make it. But base on some very cryptic What’s App messages I think Pete won the game and what’s more didn’t take any damage at all.

On the hobby front I’ve made a little bit of progress on the Chronicler but not very much. This is going to be one of those models that drops in and out of my work flow. All I’ve done this week has been to make a start on some of the metal and leather areas but it doesn’t amount to much.


I’ve made a bit more progress with Tactbot Harpo which has been fun. The base is made up from individual plaster cobbles which I think works well with style of this bot. The base colours are all on there and I like how it’s looking so far. It needs quiet a bit more work yet and the plan is to give it more of an aged look but again this may end up being a bit like the Chronicler where it pops in and out of my workflow, and for now it’s in.


That’s it for this week, it’s a bank holiday here in the UK so an extra day to get some painting in, or to lounge around in the sun. We will see how things turn out. I’ve lots to be working on so no reason to get bored. We’ve also got another D&D session tonight so with a bit of look we may make it of this convoy duty and start heading into the mountains but you will have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Until than have a good week and I hope to catch you all again next week.


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