Weekly Waffle #176

I think the only thing I can really say about this week is that it’s been something of write off. It started with lots of promise but went rapidly downhill. Saturday night was D&D night and with a reduced party we just decided that it wold be good to go and hunt down a Basilisk, as you do. From my point of view it was about garnering good will to get a ferry to take us up river to avoid a long walk. The good news was that we all survived but Al’s character then tried cutting one of its eyes out, that we really needed, with his eyes closed and butchered the job. So we need to do it all again. I’ll come back to that soon as the next game ended up being on Thursday night, simply because it was when we could get the most people together this week.

Painting was put on hold for the rest of the weekend as the weather has been really nice, and when you live in a damp grey cotton town you take advantage of these rare days. I had planned to get some work in during the week but I’ve been really rough this week. Monday to Thursday I’ve felt like I’ve had a monumental hang over, which considering I haven’t had a drink for seven weeks just adds insult to injury. I’d put it down to a touch of food poisoning but there have been a few people off work with similar symptoms so it seems more likely it’s just some bug that has been going around. Regardless of what caused it the result has been very little in the way of hobby time.

So I’ve not managed to get a great deal done but weirdly I’m starting to get a bit of mojo back. Pete has started painting his Goliaths for Necromunda so I needed to crack on with my ladies. Which I’ve managed to do but I don’t have any pictures for you this week. But trust me I will have something for you next week. What I do have pictures off though is my Tactbot Harpo that I have made some progress with. It looked a bit to clean so I’ve started the process of weathering him up, which is something I always worry about in case I wreck things by going too far. So it’s been and still is a case of slowly slowly. I’m liking how things are progressing and another couple of sessions should see him complete.


I’ve also been having a bit of play with some of the newish plastic Guild Ball and I’ve got mixed feeling about them. I’ll do more of full update next week but for this week I’ve painted up the goal to give an example of what things look like, and it’s worth pointing out that I’ve not actually built this, this is how it actually comes out of the box.


That’s been it for hobby but we did get another game of D&D in on Thursday night. It was the first time in a long time that we have had a full party which slows things down a bit but it’s really good to bring everyone back up to speed. Turned out one of our party used to be a member of a criminal organisation with a price on her head. And you guessed it her old friends turned up to collect the bounty. The end result was that we defended her and had a nice big fight with no one getting killed, which was good. The bad was that whilst we won some of them managed to escape so it’s odds on we all now have a price on our heads. But it wasn’t all bad as it’s convinced everyone to head up river with me as it gets them out of the way for a while.

Anyway that’s it for hobby this week. I am going to big myself up, or should that be slim myself down a bit though. I mentioned some time ago, eight weeks ago in fact that I was doing a course at the gym to help me lose some weight. That finished last night and in that eight weeks I’ve managed to lose 20lb and 6” from around my stomach, which I’m really proud of. So after that have a great weekend and I hope to see you all again next week.



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