Weekly Waffle #177

It’s been a more productive week this week although Sunday was an absolute disaster. Having not had a beer for eight weeks I went out on Saturday night and suffered for it on Sunday. I’m just got to accept the fact than I’m old and it takes me a long time to recover. But I’ve managed to make some progress this week and I’ve actually enjoyed my hobby time, which should be the main reason for doing it.

I’ve moved a few things round this week and also started work on a new conversion project so all in all I think it’s been a good week. So let’s start off with the work I’ve been doing on my Esher gang. They have taken far longer than they should to get them this far but I do feel like I’m over the hump with them. All of the colours are now blocked out so it’s just going back over things now taking care of the highlights and shading. I’ve tried to stick to the main colours of pink, turquoise, grey and then yellow for the hair. The just mix up where the pink and turquoise go to make them all feel individual, through those colours into the hair as well and I think the overall effect will be well worth all the pain to get this far. And with Pete working on his gang I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we manage to get a game in.


I’ve had a bit of craving to do another ork conversion, and with the rumour being that the new codex will be out in the not too distant future I thought I would have a bit of fun. So I made a trip to Element Games and picked up a Primarus Redempter Dreadnought. This is a really nice model to start with but it also screams conversion to me. I’ve not got much done at the moment but the idea is that I will add additional armour to all the existing armour panels to give it a proper ork feel. I’m going to keep with the two arms it comes with and add additional once but will be adding additional weapons to bring it up to a full complement for an ork dread. The other thing that I’m going to do to cement the fact that this is an ork contraption is to put an ork driver at the heart of things courtesy of Kromlech.


I don’t know how this next bit happened but when I got back from Element I just happened to find another Necromunda gang had stowed away with the dread. This time though it was the Van Saar’s so I’ve had to spend some time working on these as well. One thing I have to say is that it’s taken me a lot of time this week just to put these guys and girls together. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as part of the reason is the number of fine bits that need to be cleaned up before gluing them up which makes for really nice models. It’s just a fiddly process and if you skip things here then the end results won’t look as good. Not that I’m going for anything other than gaming models here but good habits are good habits. Anyway even though it’s taken a while they are now fully built and primed ready for some colour.


No normal game night this week but we did manage to get some D&D time which turned into quite an adventure. Some time ago I managed to convince the rest of the party to accompany me on a quest to return a religious artefact bock to the monastery it came from. A few weeks travel and job done. If only things were so simple. Anyway last week we found out that one of our party is wanted by the largest criminal organisation on the continent and we are now marked by them for helping her. Not to good but it works in my favour to keep them heading for the monastery and possible sanctuary. So to speed things up a bit we liberated a boat, whose captain had been petrified by a Basilisk, but being and honest group we took him with us, and headed up river. For the most part we had a quiet trip right up to the point we were attacked by a massive river troll. Now having recently fought a Basilisk I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and backed off, but some of my colleagues just ran in and started hacking away at it. They had some success but each slash sprayed them in acid doing lots of damage. I was forced to dart into rescue a couple and in the end had no choice but to join the fight. Granted by now it was pretty weak so I can’t take all the credit for running up its bulk and killing it by punching it in the head. But I did roll more 20’s than was really decent, and no my dice aren’t weighted as there were a couple of 1’s in there as well, but as a Halfling I can re-roll these. Anyway the end result was that everyone survived, although some will need a bit of time to recover but our petrified captain is now on the bottom of the river and we’re not sure what we can do about that. Set’s things up nicely for next week.

That’s it for this week, I have an airport run to do this evening and after the hangover from last week I’m planning on staying out of the pub this week so should have a bit more hobby time to progress things. I’m keen to try and get the Esher ladies finished off if I can as they seem to have been dragging on forever now. But let’s just see how things pan out. So until next week, happy hobby time and I’ll see you all again next week.


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