Weekly Waffle #179

No gaming for me this week. Tuesday night is our usual gaming night and it just so happened to coincide with a day of strike action by Northern Rail on a day I needed to travel to Newcastle. Needless to say I never actually made it as far as Newcastle but still spent all day waiting for delayed replacement bus services or delayed replacement timetable trains. None of which were on time and most of which were actually cancelled. All of which meant that by the time I finally got home I just couldn’t be bothered moving. So no gaming. Mini rant over.

But even though I missed out Al is keen to start playing Guild Ball again so that should get me back into playing. We’ve no gaming next week be we are going to plan a game in for the week after so that will be good. Trying to get the feel for things again ahead of season four rules that due later this year I think. Plus I think Al has a liking for a new team in the form of the Black Smiths.

I also missed D&D night this week, which I think is the first session I have missed in this adventure, but that was my own fault. I’m trying to lose some more weight so I’m back at the gym three times a week and Friday night one of the nights the classes are. Not all bad as if I wasn’t doing this and it wasn’t a D&D night I’d be in the pub al night so at least this way I’ve no hangover on Saturday so I get more painting done. Win Win!!

On the painting front I’ve only been working on the looted redemptor dread this week. I’ve really enjoyed both the build and the painting of this, I’ve also surprised myself with how quickly, for me at any rate, I’ve managed to get his completed. From start to finish in just two weeks I think shows how much I’ve enjoyed the whole process. I really do like doing scratch builds and kitbashes like this and I’ve got another lined up but I’ll tell you more about that later. Another thing that has kept me going on this one has been sharing on Beasts of War with their new Project tool. It’s a space were any user and add updates on a project but unlike as a forum post it keeps everything tougher and easy to find. It’s had some good feedback on there and even got a ‘Golden Button’ which is a bit of an ego boost.

Colour wise I’ve decided to keep it the same as my existing army using red as the main colour, because it’s fast and blue, because it’s lucky and it was painted blue before the grots looted it. I know that some people find this colour scheme a bit cartoony but it’s my army and I like so that’s that. To start with I painted everything in a dark metallic and then dry brushed this to get lots of highlights. Next up it was given a couple of different washes with the idea being to get it all looking grungy so that the colours could go over this, making it easier to just miss sections out for battle damage. I find it much easier doing things this way than trying to paint the damage over the colour.


With that stage done it was time to go in and add the colour. This consisted of both the block colours and the little bits of detail. It was the detail that was the real issue as I think I got a bit carried away when I was building things. I kept thinking that I had finished things only to come back to it a few minutes later to find something I had missed. There may still be the odd bit of detail that I’ve missed but I just got to a point where I decided I had to call it a day or I would never get it done.


At this point it was still a bit shiny to be a real Ork construction but I had this covered, or at least I hoped I had. Everything was given a couple of coats of satin varnish which I tend to prefer to mat varnish. The aim of this was to knock back the shine, it also acts as protection for the modes so that can be used as gaming piece, which is the whole point of it. It also seals the model so that I can then use some enamel weathering products to add some general grim all over the model to give it that final touch. I have to say that I’m really happy with how this has turned out, but I may be just a tad biased.



That’s it for this week although I have started to pencil out my next project. My existing Ork’s have a distinct lack of flyers and by that I mean proper flyers and not Storm Boys, Deaf Kopters and Flying Killer Kans. So I’m going to turn my attention to a ground attack medium bomber. This will basically mean taking a normal Ork flyer and making it longer and wider to accommodate a rotary bomb bay and a heavy Gatling big shoota, amongst other things. It may be a little ambitious but I feel like I’m am on a roll at the moment so I’m going to go for it. I also need to crack on with my Necromunda ladies as Pete is now catching up on that front so I need to have ready for a game when he gets his ready. So until next week, have fun, keep safe and I’ll catch you all next week.


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