Weekly Waffle #181

Well I’m going to start this week with an update from game night, because I actually played a game. I know it’s rare but there you go. Myself and Corey started a game of Necromunda with Pete looking after the rules for us. First time for all of us and I have to say that it’s brutal. Every time I got hit I was knocked down and pinned which is something of a pain. But a lot of my girls have stilettoes that are brutal in close combat with a basic ganger taking out Corey’s leader in one go. We didn’t manage to get the game finished, not because it’s a slow game, but because we were having to check up on everything we were doing. So we have left everything in place and will pick it up again next week. I will also make sure I have my phone with me so that I can get some pictures for you. Left it at home this week nothing to actually show you.

On the hobby front I’ve been making some progress on the flyer but it hasn’t all be plain sailing. I’ve probably spend more time rebuilding bits for the main part of the fuselage, because they just didn’t look right, than I have anything else this week. I have managed to get the tail section completed though. The original plan was to add some new engines to the rear section of the fuselage like you get on the A10 but things changed as I was playing around with some ideas and they new engines have now ended up forming part of the tail section. I decided to go with building them up as part of the tail assembly. For me it just seemed to look right.


Quite picture dump there. I’ve had a few disasters with the front fuselage but as a club we have come into quite a lot of new 40k terrain and some of the parts from the sector mechanicus promethium forge look like they will solve the problem of becoming a bomb bay. So the lads have kindly let me nick a few bits so I’m hoping I can resolve this issue once and for all. That will then set out how wide the the front fuselage needs to be and allow me to crack on. That’s going to be my aim for next week.

That’s it for this week, I’ve got a D&D night tonight and it’s also the start of the Tour De France so I’ll have that on in the background whilst I’m trying to piece the new fuselage pieces together. Anyway I’m going to call it a day there for this week. Have a good weekend and hope to catch you all again next week.


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