Painting Guides

Ok then just to set the scene for how these painting guides came about and what you can expect from them. They came about when I started painting my WWX Lawmen and because the colour scheme I used was unlike anything I had done before I kept some notes so that I would be able to repeat it. Then when I painted a few more I expanded the notes into something that was easier for me to follow. My next project was some MERCS and I did the same thing here keeping my notes in a note book so I wouldn’t lose them, and my painting guides were born.

So what can you expect? Well first and foremost I am not some super painter and these notes won’t turn you into some sort of Crystal Brush guru. They are just the steps I take to paint my model. My hope is that they will give others a bit of inspiration to try something new. Or that they may act as a bit of a reference for a particular colour or technique. That and the fact that it will inspire me to keep doing them, which in turn means that I will be able to remember how I painted something if I come to add more models to that collection in the future.

A few of the guides I wrote before I set the site up don’t have work in progress picture, just pictures of the finished models. But my plan is that future guides, will have some work in progress pictures showing the various stages.


Weekly Waffle #185

I’m going to do things out of order this week and start off with games night. We’ve decided that we are all going to do a different Kill Team and then run a bit of campaign. But to add as much variety as we can we are all going to do a different team. I have a few ideas for what I would like to do but someone came up with the idea of it being a random selection. So we put all of the all of the different team into one pot and our names into another. Then it… Continue Reading

Weekly Waffle #184

I’ve got something of a mixed bag for you this week with a bit of a gaming update and few different hobby related updates. Although I don’t think I have as many pictures for you this week. And I’ve decided to do them in chronological order just because I haven’t done that for a while. So first up we have a hobby update but not just any hobby update this hobby update was a group event. As a club we have just got a whole bunch of 40K terrain that will work really well with the recently released Necromunda and… Continue Reading

Weekly Waffle #183

I’ve had a change of pace for this week. No gaming at all for you but from my point of view that’s not all bad as one of my other passions has filled the void with the start of the Tour de France this week. Not to everyone’s taste but I’m quite happy to have the live coverage on all day whilst I’m getting in a bit of hobby time. Which is exactly what I have been doing this week. I’ve put the grot bomb-er to one side for a while as I’ve started to go a bit kit bash… Continue Reading

Weekly Waffle #160

Something of a mixed week this week with a few things getting in the way of hobby time. First of these is something that I think is worth sharing but has nothing really to do with hobby time. That’s been the release of Altered Carbon on Netflix I’ve been a fan of Richard Morgan for some time now so I was a bit sceptical about how this would turn out. But I’m glad to say that whilst they have played around with a few key elements in relation to the book they have done a really good job of staying… Continue Reading

Dystopian Wars – Fleet Basing Guide

I can’t find anything in the rules that says you have to base your ships for Dystopian Wars but they do look much nicer on the table top if they are based. It took me a while to get round to basing by fleets but once I found a method that I thought looked ok and was reasonably easy to reproduce there was no stopping me. Now if something isn’t based it just looks wrong. So having been through the anguish of wanting to base but not knowing how I thought I would share with you how I base my… Continue Reading

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