Top Tips

The idea here is to have somewhere to share those little things that I think make a big difference. This could be anything form the whole gamut of gaming and hobbying, but the key is they are things that I find really useful.



Lens cloths & Blue-Tac

Ok how do lens cloths and Blue-Tac find their way into a top tips article on a table top games hobby site? Well notwithstanding the fact that I wear glasses and I need them to keep said glasses clean they can also be really useful when you are using an airbrush. Or at least I’ve found that they can be really useful and this is what I want to share with you. At Adepticon (2016) I picked up a couple of new airbrushes with the intention of really getting to grips with using them. My first project with them as… Continue reading

Picking a paint scheme

If you are anything like me then one of the hardest parts of any painting project is actually picking the colour scheme that I’m going to use. My usual starting place is to look online to see what others have already done and get some inspiration. But sometimes I have one particular colour in mind that I really want to use; the problem then is what other colours would work with it. A colour wheel is one option and I’ve also spent time looking at the colour charts from various different paint manufactures for ideas. Now the Red Steel painting… Continue reading

Holding models whilst painting

When I started painting I didn’t really understand the need not be putting your fingers all over your freshly painted miniatures. It was all about getting the painted as fast as I could so I could use them. But when I started taking a bit more care with my painting I started to notice marks on the minis caused by the way I was handling them. And that was when I stared to look at different way to get around this issue. There are loads of different things you can use but this is what I find myself doing the… Continue reading

Cleaning your brushes

This is one of those things that I have taken for granted for as long as I’ve been painting. I tend to just use a pot of water to clean my brushes and occasionally if I think they need a bit more I have some Vallejo brush cleaner. I even have some Vallejo brush conditioner if want to give them that extra bit if TLC. Then I came across an article on line about the benefits of using a conditioning brush soap. I have to say that I was a bit sceptical about whether or not it was worth it… Continue reading

Dropper Pot Paint Labels

This is a solution to a problem of my own making. To save a bit of space I keep my Vallejo paints in an MDF rack stood on top of my desk. It’s a great way to store them and there are lots of companies out there making this type of rack so they are easy to find. But I have found is that over time the label on the paint pot rubs off and the more you use a particular paint the quicker it rubs off. Not a problem in and of itself but it can be an issue… Continue reading

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