The Road to Adepticon #3


So another Adepticon update for you this week. With the accommodation and tickets already sorted the only thing we needed to finalise was the flights. Now I have to be honest here I didn’t put myself forward to sort this out but Darren did, and after much toing and froing trying to keep us all happy the flights are now booked. It’s really weird but it hasn’t felt quite real until now. I suppose there’s nothing like handing over a wedge of cash to make things feel real. Although it was all electronic so it was a metaphorical wedge of cash.

As well as the flights being booked I’ve also sorted out my visa weaver so I should at least be allowed to board the plane. I know where my passport is and that it is still in date. I’ve even sorted out my travel insurance, just to be on the safe side.

I’ll probably do another update before we set off and I’m also going to try and set something up so that I can update the site whilst I’m away.


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